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All Hallows' Eve

When the tenth month of the year comes around, are you automatically excited or totally spooked?

The scariest calendar month also happens to have the most frightening day out of all three-hundred-and-sixty-five. October 31st might be just another day for some, but for many all over the world, it’s also known as Halloween. For fans of All Hallows Eve, it can be a wonderful time of sugar, sweets and a fright or two most foul.

Going out for Trick-or-Treating was always such a fun time as a kid. Your costume could be something store-bought, or something made with love at home by your parents. The front yard would always be decorated with all manner of ghastly ghouls, goblins, cobwebs, giant spiders, witches and wizards. On every person’s street there was always that one house that went all out. So much so that every other housewould be put to shame with their most ostentatious of grisly decorations. You know the one. Maybe that house was your house.

The pumpkins! Oh, the pumpkins! You can’t forget about the pumpkins! You don’t want to get your pumpkin too late, before all the good ones will be gone. You want to get the best pumpkin in the patch, so you can ensure that the particular carving you’ve chosen, comes out exactly the way you want. Hollowing out a pumpkin can also be a lot of fun. Your fingers can filter through and intertwine with all the stringy pulpy and fleshy “guts” of the orange Jack-o’-Lantern. The seeds themselves can also baked. Yummy!

If you’re old enough and can handle it, horror movies are also a great tradition to take part in. Now if you’re a real horror fan, chances are you watch scary movies all year-round regardless, but maybe you like to especially hyper-focus that anxious energy during Spooktober. It can be very enjoyable to marathon all sorts of different kinds of scary movies. What are your favourite scary motion pictures? Ghost stories, slasher films and psychologicalthrillers are just some subsections of the genre. Horror is also the only genre that is part of several different genre-based film festivals.

You can also enjoy costume parties where the best outfit can win a competition. Even if you don’t win yourself, it can be quite cool to see all the many painstaking details and intense hours that people put into their costumes. Just like many do for big conventions.

No matter what your plans are for this upcoming Halloween, whether it’s bobbing for apples or cuddling up on the couch and watching some frightfully good movies, it’s important that you stay safe and take care out there.

Where will I be, praytell? So glad you asked! Well, I’ll be first in line at the grocery store the very next morning, with my nose pressed up hard against the glass. Fogging it up, while waiting with bated breath, to grab all of the best boxes of candy that remain for the cheapest of slashed-to-ribbons sale prices.

Happy Halloween!


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