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Smoking at 4:20AM and 4:20PM on April 20th, is the simplest and most groovy of all possible holidays.

If after 3:07AM is considered to be “The Witching Hour”, then what pray-tell happens when that super old, and inarguably creepy grandfather clock that is most definitely cursed, strikes its domineering chime, at precisely 4AM? Where do all those gaseous ghosts and surreptitious spirits go,exactly? Do you think they haunt people, just because they’re lonely? It’s always, “Why are you doing this to me?”, and never What deep, dark, origin-story trauma, caused you to act this way?”

If you find yourself being haunted at rather inconvenient nocturnal hours, on a regular sleepy-time-tea basis, maybe, perhaps offer Casper and his friends a toke or two in a breaking-of-the-bread, by extending a white flag tied to an olive branch. Now go on, and puff-puff-pass that terrific THC, and everything will hopefully become A-O-KAY.

For those that don’t tend to partake in cannabis, April 20th, could very well appear to be just any other day, in the fourth month of the calendar year. One that might elicit nothing more than a small, almost imperceptibly minute gestured shrugging of the shoulders. If you just so happen to be“in the know”, then“Four-Twenty-Blaze-It” is most likely a rathe rubiquitous colloquial turn of phrase. One that regularly appears in your every-day squawk-box lexicon.

There’s no real confirmed source behind what truly started 4/20, as a stoner holiday. There are more conspiracy theories swirling around and surrounding this, than a “grassy knoll’s” worth of good bud to be smoked, with a good bud.

Some theorize, it was a handful of 1970’s high school friends who all communed together in a hotboxed car, outside the grounds of academic achievement. At precisely 4:20PM, on the dot. While others prognosticate, to the point of pontification, that the day’s birth, is due to a police code for marijuana.

The mystery of its origin story remains just that--a mystery. Like , are we all actually in The Matrix? Or who is Keyser Söze? Or even, Pepe Silva? Regardless of what the real story is, there’s a real beauty in the simplicity. If you’re a character of consistency, then chances are, you make a point of smoking at 4:20AM and 4:20PM, like precision clockwork.

Smoking at 4:20AM and 4:20PM on April 20th, is the simplest and most groovy of all possible holidays. Whether you’re doing it alone, or with a friend.

Here’s a fun-filled, Mary-Jane-blog-post factoid for you: This very blog that you engaged your eyeballs and cerebellum over the past couple minutes, clocked in at exactly 420 words. Fancy that. Mary-Jane

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