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fireworks and Little White Lies

Katy Perry herself, who once rather famously said: “Cuz baby, you’re a firework.”

The first thing I remember-- is the fast-acting adrenaline rush that coursed through my vibrant veins. My friend and I had to come up with a lie, and we had to come up with one quick. His mother wanted to know what we were doing going out so late at night. Fair enough. The safest and least unrealistic fib that formulated in my cranium first was to say that we were going out bowling.

His mother arched a quizzical eyebrow in our direction. The key to a convincing lie is you have to make it believable. It can certainly strain the edges of credulity to be sure, but it can never go so far as to break them in two. Now for frame of reference, my friend was not exactly the poster child for a secret, late night competitive ten-pin league, but my affable demeanor and general sincerity won the day. Or night, in this case.

We giddily left the house, not in search of strikes or spares, but of diamonds. A ball diamond to be specific. Late name game of America's favorite pastime, perhaps? Not exactly. Although, I do truly love the look of stadium lights illuminating the ball caps and determined and very chiseled visages, with their impeccable and singularly respective jawlines cutting through the early evening hours.

Darkness in this instance, was our ally. We set up the first of what would be several fireworks on the Pitcher's Mound. Once our impending armada was primed and ready to go, we lit the fuse and ran to safety. The fireworks went off like crazy. The joy on our faces quickly turned to horror. Not at the multi-coloured acrobatic aerial chaos which we had self-wrought, but at the rapid response time of the cops attempting to shut us down just as quickly.

I always think of that fun summertime memory of my youth. Especially around Canada Day. I've always thought it was cool that we lived in the second biggest country on the planet. At least in geographic terms. If you asked me to draw the entire country and split it into all ten provinces and three territories, my eidetic memory would come through. Every single time. It did always bother me though that Alaska wasn’t a part of our great nation. In point of fact, it still bothers me, even right now. Just look at a map of the world and tell me it doesn’t belong with us.

I’m proud to be a Canadian. I’m happy that I live in a country where I’ve felt safe my entire life. Now of course, not everyone can be afforded to live such a cozy and comfortable existence. I know well and am keenly aware of the privilege it is that I’m afforded, just by being born here. I know that the world is on fire, both figuratively and literally. I know that people all over the world are struggling and suffering. I also know our borders are open to all those who need the escape from elsewhere.

Times are tough, I know. I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately, to the point of ad nauseum. Sometimes all you need is a night of explosive rockets illuminating the black and starry night sky. Hug the ones you love and never let them go. Experience the moment and take in all the ariel artistry exploding in the sky above you. Leave your worries and just enjoy the show. If you won’t listen to me, then do certainly listen to Katy Perry herself, who once rather famously said: “Cuz baby, you’re a firework.”


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