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Modernized Consumption

There is an old adage. If you give stoners weed but no way to smoke it, they turn into engineers.

Looking at the sheer amount of ways to smoke weed, let alone eat it, clearly some inspired minds have found themselves in need of a pipe.

We need to discuss the three main states that you will find weed ready to be smoked. There's the classic dried herb. Funky, skunky, sticky and green. You know how the song goes. Potency and taste vary wildly between strains but you can broadly classify two main types: Sativa and Indica. Simply put, sativa to get high in the stereotypical way, Indica for things like appetite, sleep and anxiety. Regular bud definitely smells to high heaven but its a great smell once you've got the taste for it.

Next up we have concentrates. These are usually found as a thick oil, the butter-adjacent shatter or dark and tough chunks of hash. They're usually quite strong and have a much more delicate aroma, great for when you don't want the whole world to know that you're high. You will hear people describe the difference between a body-high and a mind-high, this is best illustrated by concentrates. THC dominant concentrates will have your head feeling like a balloon, CBD heavy concentrates will have you deeply relaxed, deeply hungry and deeply ready for bed.

Your results may vary but there's some truth to the joke: Indica, in-da-couch.

Then there's the wild world of edibles and let me tell ya, they come in every shape imaginable. Breath strips, cooking oils, tonic waters, chocolates, gummies, cookies, brownies, churros, you catch my meaning. There's a simple rule for edibles - if you don't feel it yet, do not eat another. It can be ambiguous as to when they really start to kick in, but they will kick in and even a couple gummies is plenty to catch a mean glow. Using our analogy above, edibles are definitively a body high. For sure you'll get Buddha-face. For sure a good joke will make you laugh. But it will be a whole-body feeling. The nice thing, and this might sound odd, is that the edibles you will find at a dispensary are a lot less powerful than the way we used to make them at home. You can be reasonably sure that a couple gummies won't have you on the floor, but a couple homemade brownies certainly could. This rocks because it means that you can eat some THC chocolate and still spend the afternoon on chores.

This is all before we discuss things like lotions, patches (yes they exist) and even sex lubricants for catching a high while you catch a ride. Clearly stoners have evolved beyond engineers to also becoming apothecaries and gourmands. Given weed and many ways to smoke it, some lunatics can't help but keep inventing.


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