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New Year, Better You - The Redux

Was this year “One for the books?”, as they say, whomever they are.

Did you get every thing accomplished that your tender heart so desired for 2022? Was this year “One for the books?”, as they say, whomever they are. Remember, it’s not “New Year, New You”, it’s “New Year, Better You”. You’re not evolving into a completely different person. You’re just growing into a stronger and far more mature version of yourself. Kinda like Pikachu refusing to evolve into Raichu in Pokémon. When in doubt, be like Pikachu. Now that’s confidence.

Did you lose that pesky weight you wanted? Keep drinking lots of water. It’s important to stay hydrated. Were you able to travel to parts of the world you’d never seen before? I’ve always wanted to travel to Turks and Caicos, myself. Not sure why exactly, it just sounds utterly delightful. Or was this the year of starting over? With a newer, better relationship, or even a brand-new job? One that pays much, much better than the one previous. Lakewood Cannabis for instance has been a wonderful boon for yours truly, this past year. Thank you to my wonderful bosses! I appreciate you both dearly.

Perhaps your End of the Year is feeling decidedly a lot less “sunshine and rainbows with majestically magical unicorns galloping and bounding around in flower-heavy fields”. If that’s the case, you might perchance wanna smoke some weed about it. Feel better? Good. It’s normal to feel like you did less in the year than you probably should have. We all do. With the ever-present albatross around our collective necks that is social media, it’s nearly impossible to not compare your own past twelve months, to those around you.

Let me let you in on a little secret, dear reader. One that you desperately need to hear. Free of charge. Chances are, the people you’re green and jealous of, may in fact actually be even more envious of your past revolution ‘round The Sun. I know, perish the very thought. Grass is always greener. Always. Just like our wonderful buds.

Take stock of your year (so long as your Facebook Memories aren’t too troubling). Did you evolve into the newer, better version of yourself? If so, give yourself a comfortable and congratulatory pat on the back.

If you tried to change yourself completely, did it work? Are you happier being a “new person”? Or are you miserable? Do your friends, family, and significant others feel like they don’t recognize you anymore?

As narcissistic as it sounds, how often do you look at yourself in the mirror? On a scale of 1-to Narcissus himself, how many times do you catch yourself staring back at your own reflection?

Your thoughts about yourself have a lot more weight than you may have previously given them any credible credence to. Your thoughts that form from all the way up high in your cerebral cortex, can dictate the very verbiage that comes out of your mouth. If you’re proud of all that you’ve accomplished, then by all means be proud. Pride, like anything in moderation isn’t a crime. It’s okay to proud of who you are, who you’ve become, or who you will eventually be.

Once again, be kind to yourself. You’re still doing the best you can, all these long 365 days later.

You’re becoming better. Not bitter. And remember, the annual age-old adage: There’s always next year.


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