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Smoking The Familiar

Getting high with your best friends can lead to some of the most gut-busting, and knee-slapping late-night parties.

At the end of a particularly trying day, there’s nothing better than rolling a joint by your own hand. Between those decidedly dexterous digits of yours, you kick your feet up, and just let that sweet-sweet smoke fill your lungs. Everybody smokes for all sorts of different reasons. No matter what your own personal reasoning behind the ventured act, smoking up is still valid in whatever particular permutation you prefer.

Getting high with your best friends can lead to some of the most gut-busting, and knee-slapping late-night parties. Those are the times when you’ve had so much fun, your cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. I’m smiling right now, just thinking back to those very same times.

Perhaps you get high for health reasons. Weed has been known to help treat both glaucoma and cancer, for example. Getting high can help the aches and pains in your body. My back is actually pretty achy at the current juncture. Hold on, gimme five. I’ll be right back.

Alright, I’m back. Now, where were we? Speaking of staying on track, it’s important to keep track of your mental state when getting high. If you’re a very anxious personby nature, it’s of paramount importance to be careful when smoking weed. Why? Well, because you may become overly paranoid, and nothing feels like it will ever be okay ever again.We’ve all been there.

While that may be funny in retrospect, at the time, having a panic attack while under certain substances, can feel like being lost in a never-ending-torture-limbo-land. A word ofadvice, as I speak from experience, it’s key to be with people you trust in group-smoking experiences. By contrast, getting high with a bunch of strangers can be a bit of a daunting and off-putting experience to some, if not many.

That being said, you can still have a totally terrible trip with people you’re comfortable with, and conversely,a great trip with total strangers. Funny how that works, right? Smoking with a bunch of friends at party on the weekend can turn out to be pretty great. In many cases, this is often times the end result. However, there’s nothing worse than attempting to sleep it off, only to find the following morning you’re still very high, several hours later.

The length of time one feels comfortable being high can vary from person to person. In this particular instance, I was ready to be sober again after about half a day of being high. Be that as it may, the pipe I communally smoked from had other ideas. Turned out, I was still high as a stratosphere-aiming-kite, a full 24 hours later, while at work. Night shifts are already hard enough as is when you’re sober. The trick is to pretend you’re not high. As long as you can still function to the best of your ability while on the clock, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

You can’t always account for and plan your experiences out though. Sometimes they just happen organically. I’ll never forget the experience of being in a hot tub last summer with both familiar and unfamiliar faces alike. I’m not one to ever turn down the puff-puff-passing of a joint, mind you.

Even when said joint is weed passed down from a random curly-haired, and very shirtless frat-bro offering me a strong sativa joint, in that overly bubbly hot tub. He very courteously informed me before hand that “it’s very strong”. Turns out, it was 50% THC. Or so he said. Surprised I didn’t die, to be totally honest.

I didn’t prep or plan for it, but it felt amazing, and went away just as I wanted to become sober again.

Hot tub joints should really be more of a thing, so jot that down.


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