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Sunkist Stretching

It’s The Sunny Time Equinox, right now. Are you with me?

As Justin Timberlake famously once said, (or rather infamously, depending on where you land on the Meme Culture Spectrum), it’s gonna be May. Wait, hold on, it already is May? How did that happen?

I guess both me and JT are a little bit behind on that one. I like being in the same company-boat as him, though. Even if it’s the last boat to know, whatever boats need to know. Now I know.

Technically, summer doesn’t start until the third week of June, but I’m going to make an executive decision here, and just say that it’s The Sunny Time Equinox, right now. Are you with me? Feels good to be ahead of the curve, doesn’t it? I could get used to this!

What that means, is it’s time to bust out those hot-pink shorts and totes-comfy sandals. Grab that favourite languishing lawn chair from out of the deep, dark recesses of the long-decaying shed. When you do so, be sure to avoid those pesky nails protruding out from the most inconvenient of spaces. You don’t wanna start these Dog Days dealing with an ongoing case of tetanus. Once you’ve hopefully avoided many of the nails that nearly would have put you in a premature coffin, unfold that very prized lawn chair and stretch out those tan-ready legs. Pop in those comfy earbuds and press play on your Summer Vibes Playlist. You do you!

If you’re feeling in need of some much-desired social interaction, now is the time to make sure you get invited to some wonderful BBQs over the next few months. Just think about that incredible smell that wafts its way over toward your nostrils. With great persuasive power, from the cooking of your preferred meat of choice on the grand grill.

If you’re hosting a backyard garden party, you’ll also want to ensure that your grass is as green as can be.

If you’re not hosting, but are invited to someone’s starlit soiree, make sure to bring at least one party item on your person. Coming empty-handed and saying “I’m the gift that keeps on giving” to any social function is always a faux pas. Trust me. I speak from experience.

Maybe you’re feeling alone in the quest for love and acceptance. Perhaps saying yes to that social outing could bear some fruit. Both physical and metaphorical. Backyard BBQs are great ways to potentially meet “That Special Someone”. Under a great big apple tree, of course. Especially if you haven’t had any luck, on any one of those ubiquitous online dating apps. An apple a day... makes a great conversation piece? Perhaps I should brush up on my flirtatious banter first.

Whatever your plan is, make sure to apply that trusty sunblock beforehand. No one likes getting sunburned. No part of that is fun, but one of the worst aspects unquestionably is just how itchy you can get, whilst scratching and peeling of that dead skin. All so very late at night. Peeling apart dead sunburnt skin off of one’s flesh, appealing, it is not.

No matter what you do, also drink water. Lots of water. Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Yes, our bodies may be made of roughly seventy percent of H2O, but we can all still use just that little bit more of agua.

Go and do likewise!


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