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Sweet or Sour Hearts of Candy

February 14th of every passing year might be one of the single most divisive holidays on your calendar.

How good are your olfactory senses? Do you smell that specific smell, drifting its way through the air directly above you? If you can’t smell anything right now, well then-- this just got kinda awkward.

That would be love that’s in the air, in case you couldn’t tell. What were you thinking? If not love? Hopefully something that doesn’t smell worse than love.

Hopefully I didn’t ask you that very question while you were standing still beside a giant garbage dump.

In that case, yucky. Super totes yucky.

February 14th of every passing year might be one of the single most divisive holidays on your calendar. Is it a totally favourite time of year that you gleefully plan and eagerly prepare for? Or are you shutting off that pesky alarm clock and going right back to sleepy times in Dream Land, in the hope that it’ll be the 15th before you know it. How you might feel about Valentine’s Day is likely predicated entirely on what your current relationship status is, as of this reading:

If you’re happily married, or in a long-term committed relationship, then V-Day is most likely a wonderfully romantic 24 hours. Maybe it’s buying chocolates and flowers for that special someone. Getting massages, manicures or pedicures? Maybe all three? If your significant other spares no expense and splurges with the exorbitant Triple-L package, hold them close and never let go.

Maybe they got you a gift that was something you asked for months ago and totally forgot about in the first place. Or assumed they didn’t hear you. That can sometimes happen. If they came through however, hug them even tighter. Those people are very few, and even farther between.

If you’ve sadly been single for at least the past six years (and not at all for a lack of trying), this day may make you boil with rage and puncture your gut with a poisoned-spear of intense depression. If that’s the case, I know it’s tough, but for what it’s worth, if it helps at all, you’re not alone. It’s very easy to feel down in the dumps this time of year. The same kind of dumps as the giant garbage dump you perhaps were smelling foul and running afoul of earlier up top. I feel your pain. Down to my very bone marrow, believe me.

It’s important to note that just because you may be single, that also doesn’t mean you’re totally exempt and utterly banned from buying chocolates for yourself. No one will judge you for investing in yourself. Remember that. Self-love on Valentine’s Day counts just as much too. If not in some cases even more!

If you want to take those delicious chocolates and curl up on the couch by yourself to watch sappy movies all alone, by all means own that! All power to you!

Sometimes watching a cute romantic movie, might be too difficult to sit through. If that’s where you’re at mentally, that’s okay too. But perhaps, a favourite comfort film right now might be just what the Love Doc has ordered. When in doubt, watch something with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in it. People in your real life may let you down, but rest assured, neither Meg, nor Tom ever will.

Where will I be, you may be asking? Well, I’ll be right where I was the day after this past Halloween. Once again, first in line at the grocery store on the 15th. My nose will once again be pressed up hard against the glass. Fogging it up in the exact same spot, while waiting with bated breath to snatch and/or grab all the best boxes, of this time-- heart-shaped candies. The very same heart-shaped candies with the very much wonderfully slashed-to-ribbons sales prices. Who said love couldn’t be cheap?

Also, thanks for asking. I feel better already. ❤️❤️❤️


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