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The Claw Game of Life

When the local fair comes to visit, do you find yourself drawn to the bright lights and excitement of an arguably overpriced challenge?

The infamous “Claw Game” is so iconic, that an image of total anger and frustration most certainly pops up into your mind. With your nose pressed up hard against the glass, you undoubtedly saw the exact toy you wanted. You excitedly put your hard-earned coins into the slot.

Moving the joystick so as to position the claw into the exact spot where you believe it will accurately snag your prized toy. You press the red button and the claw drops. Its silver coil snakes down toward the object of desire. The three-pronged digits snag the toy. The breath in your body catches in your throat.

You got it! It worked! Or so you think.

The claw seemingly grasps the toy, and yet somehow inexplicably lets go, just as the thirty-second time limit passes. The claw draws back upward with a quick snap. Its rapidity that of a taut rubber band.

Your hand releases from the joystick, forming afist. You smack the glass-case in nothing but unbridled frustration.

I think we’ve all experienced this absolute rollercoaster of emotions in some form or another.

The matter of cannabis is an interesting one because it used to be illegal here in Canada until just a few years ago. Did you have a hard time keeping your smoking habits a secret from your parents?

Did your mom find the bong that you thought you’d so carefully hid, when she went to clean your room one day?

Chances are you probably got a stern talking to from your parents about “doing drugs”.

You also might not have experienced any of this, because maybe your parents have always been pro-marijuana. Maybe you never knew this fact about them.

They may be more open than you might think to the idea of smoking together. If that’s the case, then there’s something to be said for sharing yourfirst joint with those that raised you. In some cases, your parents may be hoping that you have yourfirst experience smoking weed with them. It would ideally be in a safe space with people that you can trust. Sharing something as big as marijuana with your parents can be such a stress relief.

You may be too scared to talk to your family about marijuana, and that’s okay too. If you give up on the idea of talking to your parents about it though, you may never know how they truly feel about the subject. Giving up on that potential connection with your parents is in many ways like giving up on that toy in the claw machine. The process of seemingly winning the claw game and then having your victory being utterly ripped away is nothing short of agonizing. No doubt.

Sometimes all you have to do is try again. You may not be successful the second time, or even the third, but eventually, if you try hard enough, you may just win the toy you want. Failure is a great teacher.

When we fail, we have to learn to get back up. When we arefinally successful, that victory tastes that much sweeter, because we failed so many times before. This time, we earned it.

In honour of Mother’s Day coming up, we’re doing a great promotion that will certainly get you excited. You can win a bong or pipe of your choice. If you win, why not smoke up with you parents?

Provided they’re cool with it, of course.


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